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London Minicabs - What you should know

10/07/14 10 July, 2014 0 notes

London is a massive city with one of the busiest transport systems in the world. From the underground, to buses, taxis, cyclists and minicabs, London has it all. But what is the most convenient and affordable way to travel for residents, tourists and business people? The answer is Minicabs.

Minicabs in London are used for airport transfers, shopping trips, sightseeing, hotel transfers, school runs, by residents, and by business users.

So, how can you get around London in a minicab without any worries? Let’s have a look…

1) Minicabs need to be booked. Unlike a taxi that you can just jump into on any random corner Minicabs in London must be pre-booked. This means ordering the cab from their office, or booking online.

2) You MUST use licensed cabs only. This is imperative. People have been mugged and worse in unlicensed cabs. Check the company is licensed before booking and look for the license sticker in the cab window when entering the vehicle.

3) Try to book online. If you book online you can save money by comparing prices.

4) Pay by card. If you can pay for your cab in advance. If you cant pay by car be sure you have enough to cover the cost of the fare.

5) Plan your journey. Make sure you know where your going, the distance and the minicab prices. Minicabs charge by distance and that fee can vary depending on the time of day.

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